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I work with you to design the programming that works best for your team. 


I bring over 25 years of experience leading teams and show you what works.

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Meet Amber


Amber is the "Employee Whisperer" with over 25 years of experience leading teams, training and building a business from the ground up, she has learned, having an engaged team around her is what makes her and her business successful. She has figured out the formula to creating a highly engaged workforce, and it does not require a huge amount of time or money. Just the willingness to create a work family for people to be a part of for the hours of their day when they are away from their actual family.


Engaging and motivating employees with fun filled team building and family centered experiences is at the core of the events she organizes for companies from 5 to 5000 employees across Canada.


Beyond The Box

I strongly believe in delivering innovative ideas and strategies.

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I provide you with practical and easy solutions to increase engagement and motivation.